• Spotlight of the Week: 2000 Santa Clara Vanguard

    Santa Clara Vanguard’s fourth-place 2000 production, "The Age of Reverence," featured a number of works from notable composers like Samuel Barber and Bela Bartok, including "Agnus Dei," a choral piece set to Barber's powerful "Adagio for Strings."
  • The DCI Hall of Fame Class of 2014

    Five individuals have been selected for induction as the DCI Hall of Fame Class of 2014. They will be recognized during the week of the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis this August.
  • $2,000 Scholarships Available to 2014 Corps Members

    Since 2007, the Friends of DCI program—which is made up of some of DCI’s most dedicated supporters—has awarded educational funding to Open and World Class corps members.
  • The Tweets That Started Them All

    As a record of their inaugural posts, check out this list of every corps’ very first Tweet of all time, as we also crunch the numbers to see which groups are most active and garner the most attention on Twitter.

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