• The 2015 Drum Corps International Tour

    More than 55 drum corps will travel the country to compete in 105 events in 37 states, before the 53-day Drum Corps International Tour concludes at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis this August.
  • Millions Will Watch the Madison Scouts on Thanksgiving

    Massive Madison Scouts alumni corps is set to lead Santa Claus down the streets of New York City during the 88th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Spotlight of the Week: 2010 Colts

    Colts’ 2010 production, "True Colors," played directly off the title, with bright flags painting luminous swatches against pure white color guard costumes. Throughout, the colors on the field changed to interpret each piece of music.
  • Movie Theater Event Shows More Than a Decade of Growth

    Drum Corps International reports that attendance at the “Big, Loud & Live” broadcast of the DCI World Championship Prelims was up in 2014, marking an 11th straight year of growth for the movie theater event.

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