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The Drum Corps International Founders Trophy
Courtesy: Drum Corps International

Past DCI World Champions

By: Drum Corps International
          Release: 04/09/2015
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It started with the Kingsmen in 1972. And it stretches in an unbroken chain from then until this day. Every summer, the top corps in the country gather in one place to vie for the title of DCI World Champions. In our Hall of Fame, we are pleased to salute the latest winner and honor all those who have come before. To be listed here is no small achievement. The following corps names reflect the efforts of many individuals. Who have worked hard. Struggled long. And achieved much.

Year Corps Location Score
2016 Bluecoats Indianapolis, IN 97.650
2015 Blue Devils Indianapolis, IN 97.650
2014 Blue Devils Indianapolis, IN 99.650
2013 Carolina Crown Indianapolis, IN 98.300
2012 Blue Devils Indianapolis, IN 98.700
2011 The Cadets Indianapolis, IN 98.350
2010 Blue Devils Indianapolis, IN 98.900
2009 Blue Devils Indianapolis, IN 99.050
2008 Phantom Regiment Bloomington, IN 98.125
2007 Blue Devils Pasadena, CA 98.000
2006 The Cavaliers Madison, WI 97.200
2005 The Cadets Foxboro, MA 99.150
2004 The Cavaliers Denver, CO 98.700
2003 Blue Devils Orlando, FL 98.800
2002 The Cavaliers Madison, WI 99.150
2001 The Cavaliers Buffalo, NY 98.350
2000 The Cadets College Park, MD 97.650
2000 The Cavaliers College Park, MD 97.650
1999 Blue Devils Madison, WI 98.400
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard Madison, WI 98.400
1998 The Cadets Orlando, FL 98.400
1997 Blue Devils Orlando, FL 98.400
1996 Blue Devils Orlando, FL 97.400
1996 Phantom Regiment Orlando, FL 97.400
1995 The Cavaliers Buffalo, NY 98.300
1994 Blue Devils Boston, MA 98.400
1993 The Cadets Jackson, MS 97.400
1992 The Cavaliers Madison, WI 97.500
1991 Star of Indiana Dallas, TX 97.000
1990 Cadets of Bergen County Buffalo, NY 97.700
1989 Santa Clara Vanguard Kansas City, MO 98.800
1988 Madison Scouts Kansas City, MO 97.100
1987 Garfield Cadets Madison, WI 97.900
1986 Blue Devils Madison, WI 98.400
1985 Garfield Cadets Madison, WI 98.400
1984 Garfield Cadets Atlanta, GA 98.000
1983 Garfield Cadets Miami, FL 94.400
1982 Blue Devils Montreal, Canada 95.250
1981 Santa Clara Vanguard Montreal, Canada 94.000
1980 Blue Devils Birmingham, AL 90.600
1979 Blue Devils Birmingham, AL 93.550
1978 Santa Clara Vanguard Denver, CO 91.550
1977 Blue Devils Denver, CO 92.050
1976 Blue Devils Philadelphia, PA 92.700
1975 Madison Scouts Philadelphia, PA 92.500
1974 Santa Clara Vanguard Ithaca, NY 89.500
1973 Santa Clara Vanguard Whitewater, WI 88.650
1972 Kingsmen Whitewater, WI 88.100

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