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About Drum Corps International

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From modest beginnings more than three decades ago, Drum Corps International (DCI) has developed into a powerful, nonprofit, global youth activity with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence. Through the annual DCI Tour and World Championships, Drum Corps International provides entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-broadcast events. Drum Corps International is Marching Music’s Major League™.

Mission Statement

Drum Corps International is a cooperative association of its member and participating organizations: We seek to promote and inspire unparalleled excellence in music and performing arts throughout the world.

Touching lives around the world:
  • Drum Corps International delivers the message of “excellence in performance and in life” to more than 7.2 million young people, ages 13-22 involved in performing arts in the United States
  • Active participants in U.S.-based drum and bugle corps hail from more than 15 countries
  • The annual Drum Corps International Tour is made up of more than 100 events throughout North America
  • Each summer, some 400,000 fans attend live drum corps events
Showcasing the best of the best:
  • Each year, more than 8,000 students audition for the fewer than 3,500 positions available in top-tier DCI member corps
  • More than 5,000 members directly participate annually
  • 66 percent are male
  • Average age is 19.4
  • 72 percent are full-time college students
  • 59.6 percent of the current college students are pursuing music education degrees, while 65 percent of those that indicated they are high school students intend to major in music education
Setting the pace in marching music education:
  • While an exclusive number of students participate on the field with a DCI drum corps, millions follow the corps of DCI by attending competitions, participating in DCI-sponsored educational programs and events, purchasing merchandise, and simply by being fans–following the exploits of their favorite corps in ways reminiscent of the Grateful Dead’s Deadheads, or the Boston’s Red Sox Nation
  • More than 25,000 high school students attended at least one of 10 major DCI events in 2007 as part of a group, while thousands more attended these events individually and tens of thousands attend performances at local tour stops throughout the country
A growing international network of fans:
  • More than 14 million adults and family members associated with targeted performing arts students
  • Highly loyal past-participant base of nearly 250,000
  • Combined attendance at annual World Championship events near 60,000

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