Bringing your group to a Drum Corps International Tour event is the perfect way to entertain students, promote teamwork and camaraderie, strengthen relationships and boost morale; all while experiencing an unforgettable outing!

Marching bands, alumni groups, associations and others, can all enjoy these special group benefits when bringing 20 or more people to select DCI Premier Events this summer:
  • Discounted tickets
  • Access to special events and other incentives
  • Exclusive group leader benefits and complimentary tickets
  • Easy ordering: Your DCI Groups Representative will do all the work!
The excitement of the 2015 Drum Corps International Tour is waiting for you! Review the information on this site to find the event that is right for your group, and then give us a call. We'll walk you through the entire process to make sure that you and your entire group have an unforgettable experience this summer!

The Drum Corps International Group Experience

 DCI Premier Event Schedule

Drum Corps International’s Premier Events are a collection of some of the most prestigious stops on the annual DCI Tour.

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 How to Buy Group Tickets

Group tickets can be ordered in any of three easy ways: online, over the phone, or through the mail by order form.

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 Group Leader Benefits

As the leader of your group, you're entitled to special benefits and incentives including complimentary tickets, access to special events and other promotional items.

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 Kick Start Leadership Events

Offered for free before select DCI Premier Events, Kick Start your fall marching band season with these leadership workshops for students led by motivational speaker Fran Kick.

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 DCI Ambassador Program

DCI's Ambassador program is a grass roots effort that engages high school and college students to help promote the DCI Summer Tour and other events and activities.

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 Performance Opportunities

As part of select events, Drum Corps International is excited to offer opportunities for your musical group to perform on the drum corps stage.

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From how to add tickets to an existing order to accepted forms of payment, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about bring a group to a DCI event.

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 Contact Us

Questions about ordering tickets or how best to organize your outing? We're here to assist you Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

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2015 DCI World Championship Tickets

2015 DCI World Championship Tickets

 Monday, August 3  Michigan City, IN
 DCI Open Class World Championship Prelims
 Tuesday, August 4  Michigan City, IN
 DCI Open Class World Championship Finals
 Thursday, August 6  Indianapolis, IN
 DCI World Championship Prelims
 Individual tickets available via www.ticketmaster.com or 800-745-3000
 Friday, August 7  Indianapolis, IN
 DCI World Championship Semifinals
 Individual Tickets available via www.ticketmaster.com or 800-745-3000
 Saturday, August 8  Indianapolis, IN
 DCI World Championship Finals
 Individual Tickets available via www.ticketmaster.com or 800-745-3000

2015 DCI Premier Event Tickets

2015 DCI Premier Event Tickets

 Wednesday, June 17  Indianapolis, IN
 DCI Tour Premiere
 Individual Tickets available via www.ticketmaster.com or 800-745-3000

 Friday, June 19  Louisville, KY
 DCI Louisville presented by DeMoulin Bros.
 Tuesday, June 23  O'Fallon, IL
 DCI St. Louis
 Friday, June 26  Muncie, IN
 DCI Central Indiana
 Sunday, June 28  Bowling Green, OH
 DCI All-Star Review
 Wednesday, July 8  Ft. Wayne, IN
 DCI Ft. Wayne
 Saturday, July 11  Minneapolis, MN
 DCI Minnesota
 Monday, July 13  Warrensburg, MO
 Tour of Champions - Central Missouri
 Thursday, July 16  Belton, TX
 DCI Central Texas presented by Band Shoppe
 Thursday, July 16  Denton, TX
 DCI Denton presented by The Cavaliers for Red River Thunder
 Friday, July 17  Houston, TX
 Tour of Champions - Texas, presented by THE exSIGHTment OF SOUND
 Saturday, July 18  San Antonio, TX
 DCI Southwestern Championship presented by Fred J. Miller, Inc.
 Monday, July 20  Dallas, TX
 DCI Dallas presented by North Texas Festival of Drums and Bugles
 Wednesday, July 22  Little Rock, AR
 DCI Arkansas
 Wednesday, July 22  Hattiesburg, MS
 DCI Southern Mississippi
 Thursday, July 23  Huntsville, AL
 DCI North Alabama
 Friday, July 24  Murfreesboro, TN
 The Masters of the Summer Music Games presented by Jupiter Mapex & Majestic
 Saturday, July 25  Atlanta, GA
 DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship
 Individual Tickets available via www.ticketmaster.com or 800-745-3000800-745-3000 FREE

 Friday, July 31  Allentown, PA
 DCI Eastern Classic
 Saturday, August 1  Allentown, PA
 DCI Eastern Classic
 Sunday, August 2  Pittsburgh, PA
 DCI Pittsburgh presented by Three Rivers SUMMER MUSIC GAMES
 Sunday, August 2  Buffalo, NY
 Tour of Champions - Buffalo

Take Advantage of Special Group Pricing and Incentives!

Here's how it works:
  • Buy 20–49 tickets, receive a special discounted ticket rate PLUS 2 complimentary tickets PLUS additional incentives for select events.
  • Buy 50–79 tickets, receive the discounted ticket rate PLUS 5 complimentary tickets PLUS additional incentives for select events.
  • Buy 80–124 tickets, receive the discounted ticket rate PLUS 10 complimentary tickets PLUS additional incentives for select events.
  • BEST VALUE! Buy 125+ tickets, receive the discounted ticket rate PLUS 15 complimentary tickets PLUS additional incentives for select events.
2015 Benefits* Groups of
Groups of
Groups of
Groups of
Group Ticket Discount

Complimentary Tickets (total)

2 5 10 15
Show Info Kit

Band Director Gift Bag

Access to Kick Start leadership workshops (hosted at select events)

2015 Souvenir Yearbook

Subscription to the DCI Fan Network

2015 DCI World Championship DVD (available Dec. 2015)

*All benefits are subject to availability and are awarded for the number of group tickets purchased per event.

Easy Ways to Place Your Order

1. CALL the DCI Box Office at 317.275.1212.

2. MAIL in our printable group ticket order form.  Download PDF order form.

Please note that all group orders will be subject to a $2 per-ticket processing fee. Select events may incur additional per-ticket facility fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What forms of payment are accepted?
We can accept payment by school check or credit card (please check that your card has a daily limit that will cover your order). We unfortunately cannot accept school purchase orders for tickets.
 What is the minimum order to be counted as a group?
You must purchase 20 tickets to qualify as a group.
 Can I order more tickets after I place my initial order?
Once you place an order, you can always add tickets to it and receive the group rate. We would prefer that you don't add on one ticket at a time, but we know that there will always be that "one more ticket" to add and will do everything we can to accommodate. If you need to purchase a group ticket the day before or the day of the event, have the group leader go to the box office and give them your order number. The box office representatives will be able to sell you a ticket at the group rate. Please keep in mind, the tickets that you add on may not be in the same location as your original ticket order, but we will get them as close to the original location as available.
 Can I purchase tickets the day of the show?
Yes, however we don't recommend this due to long lines at the box office. If you need to purchase the day of the event, you will still need to purchase a minimum of 20 tickets to qualify for the group rate. If you are adding tickets to an existing order, give the box office representative your order number and they will add to it. We can accept cash, credit card and school check at the event. Personal checks will not be taken.
 Do I need to buy a ticket for my bus driver?
We do not offer a complimentary ticket that is specific to bus drivers, but DCI provides a certain number of complimentary tickets with every group order at select events. You can allot those tickets however you would like.
 Can I add the parking fee onto my order?
We regret that we cannot accept parking fees in advance for any stadium. Parking fees are charged separately by the stadium management and Drum Corps International does not handle those fees.
 When will I receive my tickets?
We aim to mail your tickets to you within 2 weeks after you have placed your order. If you place your order WITHIN 2 weeks of the event date, your tickets will be held at the will call window of the stadium box office under the name of the person who placed the order.
 Can I order group tickets through Ticketmaster?
All group ticket sales are handled directly through Drum Corps International. Order online through DCI's "group tickets" page, mail in the group ticket order form with payment, or call the DCI office to place your order.
 When should I place my order?
If you would like to have your tickets prior to the day of the show, you will need to place your order with Drum Corps International at least 2 WEEKS BEFORE the event date. Orders placed within 2 weeks of the event date will be held at the will call window at the stadium box office. Group tickets are issued on a first come first served basis. The sooner you order, the closer to the 50-yard line you will be!
 Is there a group discount in sections closer to the 50-yard line?
Yes, you can purchase tickets outside of the designated "group sections." Groups of 20 or more will receive a $5 discount off the regular ticket price outside of the group seating sections. Groups choosing to sit in other sections will receive the equivalent complimentary tickets in those sections as well.
 Can I pick my seats?
We will always place you in the seats that are closest to center. If there is a specific section that you prefer, please let us know at the time of your order, and we will place you as close to your requested area as possible.
 What should I do about tickets for parents?
We encourage you to bring your band parents along on the trip. It is a great way to get your boosters excited for the upcoming marching band season! To receive the group discount, parents will need to purchase their tickets as part of your group order. If they are driving separately and there is a parking fee at the stadium, they will have to pay the fee.
 How do I get an invoice/receipt for my order?
If you are ordering more than 2 days out (not at the stadium) you will receive an electronic receipt from our ticketing system. This will have the amount of tickets purchased and how much was paid. It will not always have your seat location. Always refer to the ticket for your seat location. Often times the e-mail receipts are filtered into a spam folder when going to school e-mail addresses. If you haven't received an e-mail receipt within 48 hours of your order, please call the DCI office to have them fax a copy. If you need an invoice from DCI, please call at least 48 hours (during regular business hours) before you will need the invoice and one will be created and sent to you via e-mail.
 Can I place seats on hold and pay later?
New for this year and for shows not at Ticketmaster venues, orders that are going to be paid by school check can have a temporary hold on the seats to allow time for the check to be processed and mailed to DCI. Orders would need to be for exact number of seats that are going to be purchased. Held seats will be released 3 weeks after the order has been placed or three days before the event, whichever comes first.
 Can I go to the stadium box office to buy/pick up tickets BEFORE the event date?
Drum Corps International tickets are only available the day of the event at any stadium box office.

Contact Us

Let us help you plan your 2015 group experience today! Call 317.275.1234 to speak with our Relationships Manager Scott Dixon or e-mail groups@dci.org for additional information.

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