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Partnership Opportunities

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Become a corporate partner of Drum Corps International and the annual DCI Summer Tour

A passionate, engaged, and highly-desirable target audience:

Our influence extends deeply into high school and college marching band programs, dance and drill teams and competitive color guards. We can help you to unlock the potential of a highly-desirable demographic audience base, comprised of dedicated students who share an uncommon desire to achieve excellence at extraordinary levels. The highlight of our event calendar, the Drum Corps International Summer Tour, is a testament to the skill, dedication and determination of thousands of youth across the globe.

The Drum Corps International Summer Tour includes more than 135 events in more than 40 states. Combined Drum Corps International live event and Cinecast attendance reaches more than 400,000.

Partnership Assets Include:
  • More than 400,000 tremendously loyal attendees annually at more than 135 events from coast to coast
  • High-traffic Web site
  • Market position as key influencers in the scholastic music education industry
  • Strong and growing international presence
  • Exposure in magazines and other advertising vehicles
  • Extensive marketing outreach, public relations and grassroots programming presence
To receive a custom partnership program proposal, contact adsales@dci.org.

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