In chronological order based on year, here are the 12 corps that will air in the 2006 DCI Classic Countdown: 1975 27th Lancers
1979 Blue Devils
1980 Bridgemen
1984 Garfield Cadets
1988 Madison Scouts
1989 Phantom Regiment
1992 Crossmen
1993 Star of Indiana
1995 Cavaliers
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard
2004 Carolina Crown
2005 Bluecoats The Classic Countdown is the top 12 DCI shows all time voted on by drum corps fans. They will be shown in real-life proportion in select theaters across the country on Thursday, April 27. The show begins at 7 p.m. everywhere around the country. More than 7,000 drum corps fans swamped the polls this year. DCI's senior Web developer Ricky Fritzsching, who oversaw the e-balloting, was pleased with the overall process. "It was a real thrill for me to process the "ballots" of all these great drum corps fans who voted on their all-time favorite shows," Fritzsching said, noting that the drama is still not over yet -- on March 3, a new online twist will further engage drum corps voters. Although Fritzsching wouldn't elaborate on the new twist, he did advise curious voters to look to the 2006 winter Olympics for clues.