1989, that year of big hair, the original George Bush and the fall of Communism, is also the best-selling year of DCI's Legacy DVD Collection. That year, the Santa Clara Vanguard scored 98.80 to win World Championships with their version of "Phantom of the Opera." The Phantom Regiment, meanwhile, took second with their twist on the "New World Symphony." Ironically enough, Phantom Regiment's score -- 98.40 -- would have won any other World Championship prior to 1989. In terms of Legacy DVD sales, 1999 scores second place, while 1995 comes in third, followed by 1992 in fourth, 1987 in fifth and 1993 in sixth. If you're starting your Legacy Collection, these might be a decent place to start! The biggest-selling DVD from the 1970s, meanwhile, is 1979. When you order five Legacy DVDs, your sixth is free! Here's what one drum corps fan said about the Legacy Collection: "The Legacy DVD Collection is great! I was first exposed to drum corps in 1983 and, until now, had never seen a complete show from any previous year. I was at finals in 1985 and from 1988 to the present, so it's been a thrill to watch shows I had only heard about. The power of 1980 Spirit of Atlanta. The great Phantom Regiment corps of 1977-79 and the Spartacus years in 1981-82. The incredible 1986 Blue Devils. Bridgemen's great drum lines. 1984 Suncoast Sound. 1975 Madison Scouts. 27th Lancers. And the list goes on. "The perspectives from each year are an excellent touch. Steve Rondinaro points out highlights of world events and pop culture, while Michael Cesario addresses key happenings in the drum corps world. "Thank you DCI for putting this package together. This is a must-have for any drum corps nut." -- Greg Newell, Phantom Regiment alum