Drum corps fans can now experience the DCI Championships from a whole new perspective. DCI's new DVD allows viewers to choose which aspect of each corps performance they would like to watch.Drum corps fans can create the program just like the director in the television production truck. By using the DVD player remote control, drum corps fans can now select from four different "views" including high camera overview of the entire show, single camera focused on the auxiliary, single camera focused on the drum line, and full mixed camera program as seen on the live television broadcast and videotapes.But, video is only one part of the experience. "The listener of these DVDs will feel like they're inside the action like never before" said DCI broadcast and video producer, Tom Blair. "For fans looking for a real world drum corps audio experience the bar has just been raised."To accomplish this, viewers can choose from five different audio tracks:-- Dolby Digital 5.1 (Dolby Digital decoder required),-- Dolby Pro Logic (normal stereo output without a decoder),-- Commentary from a member of the performing corps design team as they explain the action on the field or observations about the Championship performance,-- General Effect Visual Judge Marie Czapinski's live Championship performance commentary, or-- General Effect Music Judge Joe Allison's live Championship performance commentary.Any single audio track can be activated at any point while viewing the performance from any of the optional video perspectives.In addition to the DVDs, DCI will continue to offer the full performance of the top 21 corps as a three VHS tape set. Also returning for 2000 will be the DCI Division II/III Championship Finals and World Championship Opening Ceremony two VHS tape set. DCI will also continue to produce a 3 CD set of the top 21 corps.Order the DVD online