Mark your calendars now for the 2002 DCI Major events. Tickets for the DCI Southwestern Championships, Midwestern Championships, and Masters of the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES events will be on sale November 7th at 9:00am CST. Each of the above events will also host Festival Workshops: Marching Leadership for Students. On July 20th DCI will again hold the Southwestern Championships in San Antonio's Alamodome. Following the general format of 2001, the event will feature all of DCI's Division I corps in split afternoon and evening performances. Tickets for the afternoon event start at $12, evening event tickets start at $18 and a two show premium ticket will be available for $55. Then on July 26th a headlining act will once again descend on Murfreesboro, Tennessee for the 2nd Annual Masters of the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES. Tickets for this event start at $18.The following day brings the Division I corps to Indianapolis' RCA Dome for the DCI Midwestern Championships. This event will follow the same format and ticket prices as the Southwestern Championships, featuring all of DCI's Division I corps.The east and west get feature shows the following week with DCI Eastern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Drums Along the Rockies in Denver, Colorado. Both of these events will be on August 3rd and tickets will be on sale later this winter.Don't forget to join us for the 30th Anniversary Celebration in Madison, Wisconsin, August 5-10!See you down the road!