Having tallied the ballots received from members of the DCI Board and current members of the Hall of Fame, the DCI Hall of Fame Committee reports that for 2003 none of the 10 nominees received the required 60 percent of votes cast. Some of the procedures for Hall of Fame Election as adopted by the DCI Board of Directors are available on the Hall of Fame Link at the
DCI Web site. The current system was adopted after an extensive review of earlier methods, consideration of the extensive experience of other activities (such as major league baseball), and many valuable suggestions from the DCI community. Prior to adoption of the current procedures, regardless of the number of nominees or other considerations, three new members of the Hall of Fame were selected by these electors each year. Under the current system there is no such limit, and as many as 8 of the 10 nominees on the 2003 ballot could have received the required 60 percent of votes cast. (By way of comparison, major league baseball requires 75% of votes cast for election to its Hall of Fame). Earlier this year the DCI Hall of Fame Committee was pleased to announce that Glenn Opie and Len Piekarski had been selected by the Hall of Fame Legacy Committee, and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as the Class of 2003. As always, the Hall of Fame Committee welcomes constructive critique and recommendations. Please address any such suggestions care of Drum Corps International, which will forward them to the
Committee for consideration. The DCI Hall of Fame Committee consists of Joe Colla, David Kampschroer and Gene Monterastelli.