From a Boston Crusaders press release:

Passion, boldness and provocative innovation. These are the qualities for which the Boston Crusaders have become known during the group's 66 years of existence. The qualities also describe the music of Jennifer Higdon, who is one of the top American composers today. With Higdon's spiritual and stirring compositions providing the musical foundation, the 2006 Boston Crusaders invite the audience to step inside "Cathedrals of the Mind." Cathedral-like sets serve as "symbolic doorways" that take the performers and the audience on a journey in and out of various states of mind and emotion.
The powerful drama of Higdon's, "blue cathedral," and the whirlwind energy of her "Concerto for Orchestra," are interspersed with haunting strains of Michel Legrand's timeless classic, "The Windmills of Your Mind." From visual chaos and confusion, through solitude and sanctuary and onto affirmation of tradition, the stage evolves from the abstract to the literal in an emotional rollercoaster of a production with many unexpected turns and twists. "Cathedrals of the Mind" is one continuously evolving movement divided into four sections. The opening, "Confusion and Provocation," uses short motives from the timpani and chimes to emerge with intensity and relentlessly push forward. The second section, "Sanctuary," offers a period of reflection expressed visually and musically through individuals and various groupings. Dissonance interrupts the tranquility and leads to the percussion ensemble's "Pathway to Affirmation," which takes off with a newfound energy. As the images unwind, the music dramatically rises in the final section, "Discovery and Affirmation." Performers and the audience pass through the doorways of the Crusaders to discover that the past and present affirm the "conquest" of the future. Music sources
"blue cathedral" by Jennifer Higdon
"Concerto for Orchestra" by Jennifer Higdon
"The Windmills of Your Mind" by Michel Legrand
Original music by Jay Kennedy, Richard Viano, Jerry Carpenter Find more information about the Boston Crusaders at