From a Capital Sound press release:

The spirit of 19th century operetta lives with the 2007 Capital Sound production, "Ooh La La: Le français Spectaculaire." (The French Spectacular)

Using music from Jacques Offenbach's "Gaite Parisienne" and "Orpheus in the Underworld," as well as from the movie Victor/Victoria, Capital Sound invites one and all to Bouffe Parisiens, circa 1855, where the "opera bouffe" (comic opera), the catalyst for today's genre known as the operetta, welcomes one and all to a night of bawdy merriment.

"Capital Sound has always been known for entertaining and fun shows," said corps director, Marc Gofstein. "With our desire to take our product to the next level of competition, choosing Offenbach gives us the demand needed, while still focusing on entertaining drum corps fans first and foremost. This show is going to fun—period."