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2007 corps audition dates

2007 corps audition dates

by Drum Corps International

Audition season for 2007 Drum Corps International member corps is here, and we to help you find a group that is right for you. Listed below for your convenience is a series of audition dates and locations for many of DCI's member corps. Dates and locations may change. Although some of the dates in the list below have already passed, many corps are still holding auditions for the 2007 season. Visit the corps' Web sites for the most up-to-date information on audition opportunities and other activities of your favorite groups. The Academy
Dec. 2-3, 2006: Tempe, Ariz.
Dec. 16-17, 2006: Tempe, Ariz.
Visit www.ArizonaAcademy.org for more information. Blue Devils
Nov. 10, 2006: Indianapolis, Ind.
Nov. 18, 2006: Fort Worth, Texas
Nov. 25-26, 2006: Concord, Calif.
All others
Dec. 8-10, 2006: Concord, Calif.
Visit www.BlueDevils.org for more information. Blue Devils B
Jan. 7, 2007: Concord, Calif.
Visit www.BlueDevils.org for more information. Blue Devils C
Oct. 5, 2006: Concord, Calif.
Visit www.BlueDevils.org for more information. Blue Knights
Nov. 18-19, 2006: Auditions
Dec. 15-17, 2006: Auditions
Audition sites still TBA
Visit www.BKnights.org for more information. Blue Saints
Dec. 8-10, 2006: Hornell N.Y.
Visit www.BlueSaints.com, or e-mail bluesaints@canada.com for more information. Blue Stars
Nov. 18, 2006: Muncie, Ind.
Nov. 24-26, 2006: Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area
Dec. 3, 2006: Dallas, Texas
Visit www.BlueStars.org for more information. Bluecoats
Nov. 18-19, 2006: Denton, Texas
Nov. 25-26, 2006: Canton, Ohio
Visit www.Bluecoats.com for more information. Boston Crusaders
Nov. 24-26, 2006: Clearwater, Fla.
Dec. 2, 2006: Boston, Mass.
Visit www.Crusaders.com for more information. The Cadets
Nov. 17-19, 2006: Carney's Point, N.J.
Visit www.YEA.org for more information. Capital Sound
Nov. 11, 2006: Madison, Wis. (open house)
Visit www.CapSound.org for more information. Carolina Crown
Nov. 17-19, 2006 (brass, guard, percussion): Rock Hill, S.C.
Dec. 3, 2006 (brass, percussion): Avon, Ind.
Dec. 10, 2006 (brass, percussion): Pflugerville, Texas
Dec. 15 -17, 2006 (brass, guard, percussion): Rock Hill, S.C.
Visit www.CarolinaCrown.org for more information. The Cavaliers
Nov. 17-19, 2006: Houston, Texas
Nov. 24-26, 2006: Rosemont (Chicago), Ill.
Dec. 1-3, 2006: Atlanta, Ga.
Dec. 8-10, 2006: Dallas, Texas (No guard auditions)
Visit www.Cavaliers.org for more information. Citations
Dec. 3, 2006: Burlington, Mass.
Visit www.citations.org for more information. Colts
Dec. 15-17, 2006: Dubuque, Iowa
Jan. 12-14, 2007: Dubuque, Iowa
Visit www.Colts.org for more information. Colt Cadets
Feb. 18, 2007: Dubuque, Iowa
Feb. 25, 2007: Dubuque, Iowa
March 11, 2007: Dubuque, Iowa
Visit www.Colts.org for more information. Crossmen
Nov. 17-19, 2006: Carney's Point, N.J.
Nov. 24-26, 2006: San Antonio, Texas
Visit www.YEA.org for more information. Dutch Boy
Sept. 10, 2006: Open house for new local members (Mill Courtland Community Centre, Kitchener, Ont., Canada, 6 p.m.)
Sept. 22-24, 2006: September camp
Oct. 20-22, 2006: October camp
Dec. 8-10, 2006: Auditions for remaining spots
Visit www.DutchBoyDrumCorps.com for more information. Fever
Dec. 2-3: Location TBA
Visit www.FeverCorps.org for more information. Glassmen
Nov. 18, 2006: San Antonio, Texas
Nov. 24-26, 2006: Toledo, Ohio
Dec. 9, 2006: Saint Cloud, Fla.
Dec. 15-18, 2006: Toledo, Ohio
Visit www.Glassmen.org for more information. Impulse
Nov. 12, 2006: Montebello, Calif.
Visit www.impulseyoutharts.org for more information. Jersey Surf
Nov. 24-26: Berlin, N.J.
Visit www.JerseySurf.org for more information. Madison Scouts
Nov. 19, 2006: Arlington, Texas
Nov. 25-26, 2006: Madison, Wis.
Visit www.MadisonScouts.org for more information. Mandarins
Dec. 2-3, 2006: Sacramento, Calif.
Visit www.Mandarins.org for more information. Memphis Sound
Nov. 25-26, 2006: Memphis, Tenn.
Visit www.MemphisDrumCorps.org for more information. Mystikal
Dec. 16, 2006: Open house
Jan. 7, 2007: Brass audition
Jan. 13, 2007: Percussion audition
Jan. 14, 2007: Brass, guard auditions
Feb. 24, 2007: Percussion audition
Feb. 25, 2007: Color guard audition
March 24, 2007: Percussion audition
March 25, 2007: Color guard audition
Visit www.Mystikal-Corps.org for more information. Oregon Crusaders
Dec. 2, 2006: Beaverton, Ore.
Dec. 9, 2006: Salem, Ore.
Dec. 16: Grants Pass, Ore.
Visit www.oregoncrusaders.org for more information. Pacific Crest
Dec. 3, 2006: Diamond Bar, Calif. (Workshop)
Dec. 10, 2006: Diamond Bar, Calif. (Workshop)
Dec. 16-17, 2006: Diamond Bar, Calif. (Auditions)
Visit www.Pacific-Crest.org for more information. Phantom Regiment
Nov. 24-26, 2006: Huntley, Ill.
Visit www.PhantomRegiment.org for more information. Pioneer
Nov. 17-19, 2006: Milwaukee, Wis.
Visit www.Pioneer-Corps.org for more information. Racine Scouts
Nov. 17-19, 2006: Racine, Wis.
Visit www.RacineScouts.com Raiders
Dec. 2, 2006: Wayne, N.J. (Open house)
www.RaidersDBC.org for more information. Revolution
Dec. 1-3, 2006: San Antonio, Texas
Dec. 16, 2006: Donna, Texas
Visit www.RevolutionYPA.org for more information.
Santa Clara Vanguard
Nov. 12, 2006: Cedar Park, Texas
Nov. 24, 2006: Mission Viejo, Calif.
Nov. 24-26, 2006: Santa Clara, Calif.
Visit www.SCVanguard.org for more information. Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets
Dec. 3, 10, 17, 2006: Santa Clara, Calif.
January 26-28, 2007: Santa Clara, Calif.
Visit www.SCVanguard.org for more information. Seattle Cascades
Nov. 11, 2006: Vancouver, Wash.
Nov. 12, 2006: Seattle, Wash.
Nov. 18, 2006: Spokane, Wash.
Nov. 19, 2006: Pasco, Wash.
Visit www.SeattleCascades.org for more information. 7th Regiment
Dec. 2-3, 2006: New London, Conn. (open house)
Visit www.7thRegiment.org for more information. Southwind
Nov. 18, 2006: Tulsa, Okla.
Nov. 25-26, 2006: Lexington, Ky.
Visit www.Southwind.org for more information. Spartans
Nov. 19, 2006: Nashua, N.H. (open house)
Visit www.SpartansDBC.org for more information. Spirit from Jacksonville State University
Nov. 24-26, 2006: Jacksonville, Ala.
Dec. 8-10, 2006: Jacksonville, Ala.
Dec. 16, 2006: Sugar Land, Texas
Jan. 7, 2007: Arcadia, Calif. (color guard)
Visit www.SpiritDrumCorps.org for more information. Spokane Thunder
Dec. 9: Spokane, Wash.
Visit www.spokanethunder.org for more information. Teal Sound
Dec. 2-3, 2006: Jacksonville, Fla.
Dec. 9, 2006: Lantana, Fla.
Dec. 15-17, 2006: Jacksonville, Fla.
Visit www.TealSound.org for more information. Troopers
Nov. 24-26: Laramie, Wyo.
Visit www.TroopersDrumCorps.org for more information.

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