Raising corps membership limits and allowing use of electronic instruments, among seven other proposals up for discussion at January DCI board meeting. Ten rules will be considered at the Drum Corps International winter meetings from Jan. 25-28 in Atlanta. Instructors and corps directors will deliberate on these proposals at those meetings according to a series of considerations including educational, creative, logistical and fiscal impacts. This year's proposed rules cover a wide-range of topics including raising the corps membership limit to 150, extending a corps' warm-up time after entering the field for performance, modifying the role of certain judge positions, and allowing the use of electronic instruments in performances. Submissions have come from George Hopkins (The Cadets), Jeff Fiedler (The Cavaliers), David Gibbs (Blue Devils), and George Oliviero (DCI judge administration).

Talk Back to DCI
How do you think the 2007 rules proposals have the potential to impact the drum corps activity in the short term and/or long term? Which proposals would you be in favor of passing and for what reasons? Submit your comments now.