Lynn and George Lindstrom have been running the Drums Along the Rockies Drum Corps International event in Denver since 1985. At the 2008 DCI Annual Meeting & Conference Weekend, they were selected by corps directors as having the "Tour Event of the Year."

Lynn and George Lindstrom
Drums Along the Rockies is run in conjunction with the Blue Knights. Originally a mini-tour of a half dozen stops, it has evolved into a DCI premier event. Annually, it is one of the best attended shows on the DCI tour, and is held at Invesco Field at Mile High, the site of the 2004 DCI World Championships. Lynn is perhaps best known as the former 24-year Executive Director of Winter Guard International (WGI). George coordinated the WGI shows during those years and also helped start WGI percussion events. George said that one of the reasons that Drums Along the Rockies was recognized as Tour Event of the Year is because of the support and help from the stadium staff members and their efficient crews. "We can call the stadium and tell them the date, and the crew could handle everything themselves from there," he said. "We could stay at home and everything would still get done." "We have a nine-person committee each who handles a small piece of the show. They're empowered to do whatever their job may be, and they all know what it is," said Lynn. Every other month the committee gets together to give status reports on show preparations. The same committee also runs two other DCI shows in Ogden, Utah and Albuquerque, N.M., plus two fall band shows. "The corps love the venue and are received very well by the stadium crew. The fans respond loudly to all of the performers which adds to the spirit of the event," said Lynn. When they heard their show won the award, both George and Lynn said, "It was a total surprise."