The adjudication panels for the 2009 Drum Corps International World Championships were announced Wednesday evening during a special welcome reception for some 50 judges who will preside over more than 100 corps performances over the next three days of championship competition. As the capstone series of events of the annual Drum Corps International Tour, the opportunity to judge at the World Championships carries with it a high level of respect and prestige for the chosen individuals.

In a 2008 interview, DCI judge administrator John Phillips said that selecting the judges for the World Championships is a carefully constructed process. "We start thinking about the Championship panels almost immediately after the previous year. In the fall, the corps have the opportunity to complete judge evaluation forms where they address the judges' strengths and also areas for improvement. We process that feedback with the judge advisory committee, and I work through them to present a roster of those who will judge at the World Championships."

World Class QuarterfinalsThursday, Aug. 6

Brass Performance: Steve Calhoun

Percussion Performance: Steve Ulicny

Ensemble Music: Chuck King

General Effect Music 1: Jay Webb

General Effect Music 2: David McGrath

Visual Performance: Ed Warren

Ensemble Visual: Jim Sturgeon

General Effect Visual 1: Nola Jones

General Effect Visual 2: Phil Madden

Color Guard: John Howell

Chief Judge: John Phillips

Open Class SemifinalsFriday, Aug. 7

Brass Performance: Monte Mast

Percussion Performance: Dan Bryan

Ensemble Music: Andy Cook

General Effect Music 1: Mike Rubino

General Effect Music 2: Todd Fox

Visual Performance: Mark Hart

Ensemble Visual: Robbie Overvliet

General Effect Visual 1: Donnie Newman

General Effect Visual 2: Juno Orefice

Color Guard: Clarke Williams

Chief Judge: John Turner

World Class SemifinalsFriday, Aug. 7

Brass Performance: Albert Lo

Percussion Performance: Jeff Prosperie

Ensemble Music: Paul McGarr

General Effect Music 1: David Starnes

General Effect Music 2: John Bell

Visual Performance: Bob Thomas

Ensemble Visual: Debbie Torchia

General Effect Visual 1: Rich Kemp

General Effect Visual 2: Kyle Miller

Color Guard: Robert Solomon

Chief Judge: John Phillips

Open Class FinalsSaturday, Aug. 8

Brass Performance: Mike Rubino

Percussion Performance: Mike Davis

Ensemble Music: Don MacTaggart

General Effect Music 1: Lynda Eubanks

General Effect Music 2: Monte Mast

Visual Performance: Robbie Overvliet

Ensemble Visual: Sandra Bertelle

General Effect Visual 1: Clarke Williams

General Effect Visual 2: Sal Adamo

Color Guard: Dan Niebauer

Chief Judge: John Turner

World Class FinalsSaturday, Aug. 8

Brass Performance: Jeff Harper

Percussion Performance: JJ Pippitone

Ensemble Music: Dave Carbone

General Effect Music 1: Glen Fugett

General Effect Music 2: Todd Zimbleman

Visual Performance: William Chumley

Ensemble Visual: Frank Miller

General Effect Visual 1: Marie Czapinski

General Effect Visual 2: Curtis Costanza

Color Guard: Lee Carlson

Chief Judge: John Phillips