This afternoon, corps staff members gathered in Indianapolis for the DCI Annual Meeting discussed eight 2010 rules proposals, recommending whether or not each should be sent along for a final vote by representatives of the DCI member corps. Read more about all eight rules proposals in detail. With a unanimous vote, the proposal to allow a sound engineer in the press box was passed along by the instructors, with the general consensus being that having such a person in the press box supports the instructors' artistic vision. The proposal to expand the age eligibility of members by five months (allowing one to march if they turn 22 years old at any point within the calendar year) passed by a narrow margin (12-10) and will be discussed further by the directors during the final voting session. If it passes, it won't take effect until 2011. Tony DiCarlo's proposal to formalize what corps are presently doing during the set-up process immediately prior to a corps' competitive performance was sent on. The George Hopkins proposal regarding the pre-show time before a corps' competitive performance received some modifications, with those modifications to be discussed by the corps directors during the final vote. The major changes were in the development of less specific language regarding what can take place during the allocated time, with no limits placed on the creative elements eligible for those five minutes, such as audio-visual materials. (The six minutes prior to judging mentioned in the original proposal was a typo.) This still adds one minute to the time allotted to each corps. Also, it's now specified that judges are not required to judge the pre-show, although they may pay attention to it if desired in order to better understand the program to come. This modified proposal was narrowly approved by the instructors and passed on to the voting membership. The proposal for Overall Effect judges was defeated, two for and 22 against. The proposed seven-judge system was unanimously voted down, as was the proposal regarding the location of the on-field Percussion judge. Language to change the Field Visual adjudication sheet was passed by the instructors caucus. All of the rules proposals recommended above will be passed along to the voting membership for a final vote on Saturday evening. Stay posted to for the latest results.