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2013 Individual & Ensemble Championship results

2013 Individual & Ensemble Championship results

by Cecilia Hollenhorst

View a list of 2013 I&E winners by category. View a complete recap of all I&E performers.

A multi-percussionist performs Wednesday on Georgia St.
DCI competition moved off the football field and onto the streets of Downtown Indianapolis Wednesday, Aug. 7, for the Individual & Ensemble Championship (I&E), presented by System Blue. After dividing Open and World Class corps into two separate I&E events in 2011, both classes came together once again, allowing more than 300 participants from 23 different corps to compete head-to-head. "I love that we're outdoors this year," I&E Event Manager Christina Mavroudis said. "People passing by just walk over and get to experience I&E performers and inquire about drum corps." The exhibition category made its debut at the event, allowing corps members to show off even more hidden talents. "Some of the entries are just so clever this year," Mavroudis said. "We have a juggler, a guitar player, a synthesizer player, and the Laizhou Zhong Hua martial arts school (whose members performed with Gold this year), doing an encore of their dance ensemble." Highlights of the day included intense competition in the snare drum and cymbal ensemble categories, a vocal solo by an opera performance major from Troopers, and Colt Cadets' percussion ensemble "CUPle of Beats" performing "The Cup Song." "I wish everybody could come out and experience this," Mavroudis said. "These kids work extra hard on their own time to put these pieces together, and there's such an amazing talent out there that we just isn't recognized." Fourteen-year-old Colt Cadets rookie member, Christian Vasquez, performed Yiruma's "A River Flows in You" as a piano solo in the afternoon on Georgia Street, to a crowd of family and friends assembled to hear him play. He said the experience has been a welcome change of pace, as the focus shifts from relying on the entire corps working together to only depending on himself.

7th Regiment member Tyler Morin puts on a juggling exhibition for a crowd on Georgia Street.
"Tons of our Colt Cadets members are performing today," Vasquez said. "We all perform at different times, so everyone can be there to support each other." Long-time DCI fan and Beverly, Mass. Cardinals alum, Pete Grelle, has attended DCI's Championships week for 35 years, and finds events like I&E ideal for meeting up with old friends and enjoying the excitement of drum corps. "Today really shows the amount of talent that we have out here in these corps," Grelle said. "I love hearing individuals from different corps perform because it allows each to stand out for his or her own talents." Madison Scouts color guard member, Xavier Velazco, entered this year's I&E to perform a solo to the song "Uncomfortable" by Dutch artist Melanie Laurent, featuring Damien Rice. His self-choreographed piece displayed saber, rifle and dance techniques, which he began putting together in February. "My friends and I have been collaborating on this throughout tour during lunch breaks," Velazco said. "It's been like our own little group project." View a list of 2013 I&E winners by category. View a complete recap of all I&E performers. View a complete schedule of World Championship events.

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