The adjudication panels for the 2015 Drum Corps International World Championships were assigned earlier this week.

More than 30 judges will preside over more than six dozen corps performances throughout the next three days of championship competition. As the capstone series of events on the Drum Corps International Tour, the opportunity to judge at the World Championships carries with it a high level of respect and prestige for the chosen individuals.

2015 World Championship Judging Panels

World Championship Prelims — Thursday, Aug. 6

General Effect 1: John Howell, Kyle Miller
General Effect 2: Wayne Dillon, John Bell
Visual Performance: Robert Solomon
Visual Analysis: Frank Miller
Color Guard: Michael Turner
Brass Performance: Andy Cook
Music Analysis: Mark McGahey
Percussion: Martin Griffin
Percussion 2: Gifford Howarth
Chief Judge: Gary Markham

World Championship Semifinals — Friday, Aug. 7

General Effect 1: Rich Kemp, Lee Carlson
General Effect 2: Nola Jones, Darrin Davis
Visual Performance: Bruce Jones
Visual Analysis: Debbie Torchia
Color Guard: George Oliviero
Brass Performance: Steve Page
Music Analysis: Randy Greenwell
Percussion: Allan Kristensen
Percussion 2: Alan Dunn
Chief Judge: Gary Markham

World Championship Finals — Saturday, Aug. 8

General Effect 1:
Michael Stone, Mickey Kelly
General Effect 2: Glenn Fugett, Ken Turner
Visual Performance: Juno Orefice
Visual Analysis: Tim Ochran
Color Guard: Marie Czapinski
Brass Performance: Paul McGarr
Music Analysis: Jay Kennedy
Percussion: Jeff Prosperie
Percussion 2: Caleb Rothe
Chief Judge: John Phillips

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