CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with performances from the 2017 DCI World Championship in Indianapolis are currently in production, with an expected release date in time for the holiday season.

With anticipated availability at the end of November within the United States, a four-disc CD set will feature the performances of the top-25 drum corps as they performed at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indy. Video volumes including a two-disc DVD set or two-disc high definition Blu-ray set with performances of the top-12 finalist corps will follow in mid-December.

Individual products and money-saving bundles (Blu-ray + CD sets or DVD + CD sets) will available to order online at toward the end of November.

Frequently asked questions about DCI World Championship audio and video titles.

Producing audio and video volumes is an involved process that requires Drum Corps International to license the rights to hundreds of musical titles on an annual basis. It's also a process that sometimes requires DCI to make edits to performances before they are released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc.

“We take great care to ensure that all of the titles performed by our corps are appropriately licensed, with respect to the intellectual property rights of the licensors,” DCI executive director Dan Acheson said. “Because we are unable to obtain appropriate approvals on the part of several of our member ensembles for specific performance segments, it is necessary for us to edit certain performances in order to ensure they are included on this year's compact disc and video product offerings.

“Our expert production team is using their enormous depth of experience to meticulously maintain the quality and integrity of every one of the remarkable performances while ensuring our total and complete compliance with copyright law. The result will once again be a stunning series of audio/video products, masterfully capturing all of the emotion of the 2017 DCI World Championships for posterity and for enjoyment for years to come.”

In addition to CD and Blu-ray/DVD sets, Drum Corps International is also working to make performances available as digital downloads. Audio files of the top-25 drum corps will be available for purchase in the coming weeks via, iTunes and Amazon.

Drum Corps International also is working to secure licensing for World Class groups outside of the top-12 finishing corps, with the goal of making those digital video files available on if and when approvals are secured.

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