There are countless moving parts within a drum corps that combine to make marching music magic under the stadium lights every summer. The foundation of those organizations lies in a dedicated core of volunteers who help keep all of those pieces moving.  

Drum Corps International’s Volunteer of the Year awards recognize some of the most devoted and hardworking individuals in all of Marching Music’s Major League. Without these dedicated persons, drum corps would simply not be the same.

Following a selection process administered by Drum Corps International's Friends of DCI program, the 2018 recipients of this honor will be recognized this August during the DCI World Championship Semifinals in Indianapolis.


Stephenie Hebert | Santa Clara Vanguard

Stephenie Hebert

Stephenie Hebert

With roots as a performing member, Stephenie Hebert has been a pivotal volunteer of the Santa Clara Vanguard since 1983.

Hebert’s impact has been felt from nearly every side of the organization. She has spent time working on the food truck, sewing uniforms, selling merchandise, and a variety of other important administrative tasks..

“Stephenie loves being around the drum corps and finds true joy in giving the members the best experience possible,” former Vanguard operations manager Michele Teevan said. “With someone as thorough and detail-oriented as she is working on projects for the drum corps, our staff is able to focus their efforts on other projects such as tour life, and the growth and development of local programming.”

According to Teevan, Hebert has served as secretary on the Santa Clara Vanguard board of directors the last five years and has been instrumental in organizing and compiling valuable insights in the boardroom.

“We are extremely lucky to have Stephenie as a longtime volunteer,” Teevan added. “She is an invaluable member of our organization.”


Scott Rhebergen | The Cavaliers

Scott Rhebergen

Scott Rhebergen

From the minute he stepped on the field with The Cavaliers, to the moment he joined the board of directors, Scott Rhebergen has devoted his life to creating a positive experience for all of the members and individuals who have adopted the “green machine” mentality.

Rhebergen began his journey with The Cavaliers in 1974 and has been with the organization ever since. He has made vehicle and equipment maintenance his personal responsibility and makes sure that the students are able to safely travel the country.

“Scott is a selfless individual who has consistently exceeded any normal expectations of a volunteer,” Cavaliers executive director Chris Lugo said. “Scott’s experience, ingenuity, and tenacity over the last 40 years of volunteer service has simply been mission critical to The Cavaliers.”

Beyond the drum corps, Rhebergen’s involvement with The Cavaliers has also been a crucial piece in the ongoing operations of the organization’s indoor percussion and other ensembles.

“Scott stands with many of the great individuals who have positively impacted The Cavaliers over the course of our history,” Lugo added.


Jim Williams | Carolina Crown

Jim Williams

Jim Williams

Serving on the corps’ board of directors, Jim Williams’ impact has been especially felt in the development of Carolina Crown’s NightBEAT DCI Tour event and CrownCARES initiative. Williams has proven time and time again that he’s perfectly suited to “wear the Crown.”

Entering his ninth year with the organization, Williams has helped grow NightBEAT every year, culminating in 2017 with a record attendance of more than 10,000.

“Jim continues to push excellence into the NightBEAT brand, finding new ways to make it stand out and reach new audiences,” Carolina Crown president Kevin Smith said. “Jim has also made it his vision to magnify Carolina Crown’s mission of developing lifelong excellence.”

According to Smith, Williams helped spread this new vision by partnering Crown with Samaritan’s Feet to give the gift of shoes, hope, and encouragement to children who need it most along the stops of Crown’s summer tour.

“Jim has stressed that CrownCARES is just another vehicle, like the performance opportunities provided by DCI events,” Smith said. “Corps members can develop lifelong excellence and passion for giving back and serving others.”