Since 2001, caption awards at the Drum Corps International World Championship have been determined by averaging the scores from all three nights of the World Championship competition.

As outlined in the DCI rulebook:

At the World Championships, World Class caption awards will be determined by averaging scores at Prelims, Semifinals, and Finals. Ties will stand.

BEST BRASS – based on Music Brass score

BEST PERCUSSION – based on the total Music Percussion score

BEST VISUAL – based on Visual Proficiency score

BEST COLOR GUARD – based on Visual Color Guard score

BEST OVERALL GENERAL EFFECT – based on combining 4 General Effect scores

The average for each double-paneled caption will be used in determining caption awards.

2018 World Class Caption Award Winners

Boston CrusadersBoston Crusaders kept Vanguard from a clean sweep of caption awards by taking home the George Zingali Best Color Guard Award.

Donald Angelica Best General Effect Award
Santa Clara Vanguard

Fred Sanford Best Percussion Performance Award
Santa Clara Vanguard

John Brazale Best Visual Performance Award
Santa Clara Vanguard

George Zingali Best Color Guard Award
Boston Crusaders

Jim Ott Best Brass Performance Award
Santa Clara Vanguard

2018 Open Class Caption Award Winners

Vanguard CadetsVanguard Cadets pose with the Best General Effect caption award at the 2018 Open Class Finals in Michigan City, Indiana.

Caption awards for Open Class corps are determined by scores earned during the Open Class World Championship Finals competition. The "Most Improved" corps award is determined by a vote of Open Class directors.

Best Brass Performance
Vanguard Cadets

Best General Effect
Vanguard Cadets

Best Visual Performance
Blue Devils B

Best Percussion Performance
Vanguard Cadets

Best Color Guard
Blue Devils B

Most Improved Corps