Time is running out to get involved with the 2020 virtual edition of the DCI Performers Showcase presented by System Blue! If you’re still on the fence about competing, here are a few frequently asked questions with answers to help you on your way. REMINDER: All video entries are due by Friday, July 24!


Q: I love playing bagpipes! Is there a place for me in the competition?
A: Yes! An exhibition category is available and can accommodate your particular talents. You get all the benefits of the regular competition including a commemorative patch and judge’s feedback. It’s an “everybody wins” category!

Q: I marched with 27th Lancer back in the ‘70s, but have no affiliation with any musical group these days. Can I still compete?
A: Yes! This year, age and affiliations are not a factor. ANYONE CAN COMPETE!

Q: Can I auto-tune our ensemble video?
A: Yes and no! In terms of pitch correction? No. We want to hear your raw performance. However, if you need to correct sound input to balance the volume, go for it.

Q: I perform on synthesizer. Is there a solo category?
A: Sort of. You can use a synthesizer in a Percussion Ensemble, Mixed Ensemble, and Multitrack Percussion Soloist categories.

Q: Does my introduction need to be at the beginning of the video?
A: No! Introductions at the beginning of the video are standard, but feel free to get right into your performance and leave all the specifics at the end of the video if that better suits your artistic vision.

Q: Strings are my thing. Can I get in on this?
A: Yes! See “Exhibitions.”

Q: I’ve been working on my beat box routine for some time. What category?
A: Yes! The Vocal category is for you! Additionally, if you have a martial arts routine, feel free to enter the Dance category. Creativity is strongly encouraged.

Q: I spin a saber. Where do I fit in?
A: Anything other than a flag is considered Auxiliary. In some circles, it is also known as weapons. If you spin a flag and an auxiliary item (saber, rifle, fan, mace, etc.) then you would be in the Auxiliary category.