Couldn't make it out to San Antonio last Saturday? Missed the Live Webcast on the Fan Network? Don't worry. Drum Corps International has you covered with Audio Performance Downloads (APD) and OnDemand Video Playback so you can not only catch up on anything you missed, but you can burn a CD of your favorite shows and listen to them on your next drum corps road trip!

Purchase San Antonio APDs now!

All 20 World Class corps were in attendance at the DCI Southwestern Championship, held at the Alamodome, and you can download those performances, plus hometown Open Class contender Revolution. The APDs are encoded as 320 kbit/s MP3 files, meaning you get the highest quality audio available in a track that will play on virtually every portable music player.

Even better, APD downloads directly benefit the corps whose recordings you purchase. All the proceeds will go to directly helping them, and they're certainly thankful for your support as you enjoy their programs! APDs cost $4.49, but for Fan Network subscribers, APDs are available at the discounted rate of $2.49!

And what if you're hungry for some video of Saturday's performances? Fan Network subscribers get exclusive access to OnDemand streaming video of past Live Webcasts. So not only can you watch all the corps at San Antonio, you also can see how their programs have evolved as far back as the Concord, Calif. and Madison, Wis. contests in June! And there's still more to come, with Live Webcasts of the DCI Southeastern Championship in Atlanta as well as the World Championship Semifinals in Bloomington for both the World and Open Classes included in a subscription!

APDs and OnDemand video are both available on the DCI Fan Network. You don't have to be a subscriber to grab your APDs, but remember, subscribers get access to exclusive OnDemand video and discounted APD prices!

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