DCI will continue its commitment to participant safety by conducting the second-annual DCI Community Forum this coming weekend. The event will feature an internal broadcast for all participating organizations across the country, providing an opportunity for sharing in an interactive training focusing on health, wellness, and safety.

More than 8,000 performers, staff members, volunteers, and admin teams from DCI participating organizations nationwide will have access to the live event. This is the second year for the session that brings the entire DCI community together to pause simultaneously during spring training to focus collectively on critical topics.

The 2019 event carries the title of Health, Wellness & Safety: A DCI Community Forum and will feature a presentation on each of the focus areas — Staying healthy throughout the tour, mental wellness, and maximizing the DCI Community Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines along with shared best practices to have the safest drum corps experience possible. Each presentation segment will include time for Q&A, and participants from across the country will be able to submit questions to expand on the discussion.

By bringing everyone together, the entire DCI community will be able to share in specialized training to enhance the unique DCI performance culture and raise the bar ever higher for marching music performance.

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