Because three corps (Magic of Orlando, Mandarins and Capital Regiment) have elected to make the jump to Division I and compete in quarterfinals tomorrow afternoon, competition will being at 1:48 p.m. tomorrow, slightly earlier than previously planned. The Magic of Orlando, whose saga after two years of being on hiatus has been the drum corps Cinderella story of the summer, scored a 99.05 to win here in Madison tonight, earning them a 2:22 p.m. stepoff time tomorrow.Executive Director Dennis Cappello, reveling in the corps' victory on the field after the show, said, "We've got a special group of kids. You couldn't ask for a better bunch of kids – they're hardworking. We got down the road safely, the kids had a good time and they ate well." Jennifer Chapman, 19, a Magic guard member from Port Orange, Fla., also agreed with Cappello's sentiments. "It's great! It's what I hoped for."Virginia Tibbitts, 19, of Orlando, said, "I'm really proud of what the organization has done. Saturday night (Division I finals) has been our goal since the first camp."Rick Bays, director of the Capital Regiment (96.50), was also excited about making the jump to Division I competition. "I think that they probably had the best run of the season. Their finals performance beat their semifinals performance. We had a great run, and I'm very proud of them," Bays said.Ray Mar, director of the Mandarins (95.80), was likewise enthusiastic with his corps' performance tonight. "I think that they performed really well, and that they're a very capable unit. If I didn't think they were capable, then I don't think we would have made the decision to jump (to Division I), on a limited touring basis."