From the YEA! Web site: More than 350 young men and women came to Pennsville, N.J., for the first drum corps event of the YEA! season. Youth Education in the Arts sponsored the weekend event for potential candidates for the Crossmen and Cadets marching ensembles. Tom Aungst and Lee Beddis led the percussion staff and hundreds of percussion players through a weekend of exercises and a few different selections. 100 snare drummers were perhaps the most interesting part of the weekend, although all sections were well represented.

Dean Westman, Brian Clayton, Al Chez, Mike Ary and others worked the brass line of about 120 through a number of tunes: "The Star-Spangled Banner," "Eleanor Rigby" and "Not a Day Goes By." The two corps utilized facilities at both Pennsville middle and junior high on a gorgeous weekend in the Northeast. With sun and temperatures in the 60s, the ensemble spent a good deal of time outside. To read more and to watch a video of the proceedings (registration required), go to YEA!