The 2018 Drum Corps International Tour brought us so many great musical memories. These five special moments are bound to be remembered for years to come.



Blue Devils

2018 Blue Devils

Carole King’s classic “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” was magic caught in a bottle. Intense, beautiful, spellbinding, and LOUD! It’s everything we ever wanted from the Devils and classic pop tunes. Much like the corps’ 1992 rendition of “When a Man Loves a Woman,” fans will no doubt be humming this tune long into the distant future.

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2018 Bluecoats

Bluecoats’ “Session 44” had loads of great brass moments, but the wickedly complex trumpet riff in “Bird and Bela in B-flat” was special. It was one of those “Did I really just hear that?” moments no matter how many times is was experienced live.

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Carolina Crown

2018 Carolina Crown

Not to take anything away from the sheer impact of Carolina Crown's show-opening brass blast of Bruckner’s “Symphony No. 8,” but the beginning of the lovely “If I Fell” wrapped itself around fans like a warm blanket. The unique warmth came from using 44 trombones, creating one of the most beautiful brass moments witnessed on the football field in years.

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Phantom Regiment

2018 Phantom Regiment

For fans of powerful brass, nothing says “Phantom Regiment” better than the full-throated sounds of the corps’ legendary “Buicks,” which is the nickname of the corps’ euphonium section. When the Buicks burst forth in unrestrained glory, both bones and eyeglasses are at a risk of rattling.

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Spirit of Atlanta

2018 Spirit of Atlanta

The furious pacing of the jazz riffs in Spirit of Atlanta’s performance of “Rattletrap” could peel the paint off a school bus. The barnburner Bill Evans piece allowed the horns to cut loose and let old-time fans conjure up favorite memories of the awesome Jim Ott brass lines of the late 1970s.

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2018 DCI World Championships Audio

Audio performances of the top-25 drum corps who competed at Lucas Oil Stadium during the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis this past August are now available!

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