If rainy autumnal weather is getting you down, we've assembled a list of five of our favorite videos of drum corps playing in the rain that are sure to brighten any marching music fan's day.

1988 Madison Scouts

In 1988 celebrating their 50th anniversary, the Madison Scouts hopped the Atlantic Ocean in June after five competitions on U.S. soil. Heading to Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, the corps pulled off this performance in rainy conditions just north of London. After returning home to the States, Madison would go on to win their second DCI World Championship in Kansas City.

2012 Carolina Crown

Just this past August on the East Coast, Carolina Crown's horn line practiced this segment of Aaron Copland's masterful "Fanfare for the Common Man" as the rain came down.

2012 Cadets

It's hard to escape the rain in Orlando during the summer, but the Cadets were a ray of sunshine blasting through the clouds with this parade and performance at Walt Disney World's Epcot at the end of June.

2005 Santa Clara Vanguard

The 2005 DCI World Championships came to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass., and shortly after the event began, the stadium stands had to be cleared due to rain and lightning. As the weather cleared and the competition geared back up, some of the soon-to-perform corps like Santa Clara Vanguard had the opportunity to warm up just outside of the stadium.

2004 Glassmen

In perhaps one of the most wet and wild drum corps performances of all time, the 2004 Glassmen took the field at the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa., only to be stopped midway through their performance as a torrential downpour enveloped the corps. The crowd went wild as the Glassmen and fans sought shelter, and after the rain subsided the corps would perform its entire production again.
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