The Academy's “Drum Corpse Bride” trick or treated its way into the hearts of fans as one of the most charming shows to hit the field during the 2016 Drum Corps International Tour.

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Proudly presented by Drum "Corpse" International

Even Hall of Fame public address announcer Brandt Crocker got into the corps’ theme with some clever scripting to open the show. “Performing their 2016 production, Drum Corpse Bride, Drum Corpse International is proud to present, The Academy!”



Death comes in the first 60 seconds

By the end of the brass section’s opening fanfare, a newlywed bride falls victim to the angel of death, setting the story in motion.



Tombstones dotted the field to create the perfect graveyard scene

As part of a fundraising campaign, supporters had the opportunity to buy the naming rights for 28 of the markers, memorializing themselves or loved ones in a bizarrely unique way. 11 other tombstones were reserved for each of the corps’ age-outs, who probably never imagined seeing their names on the field at least in that fashion.




In one of the most memorable scenes of this production, five ghouls played the melody of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” on sets of “xylobones” hung around their necks.



Zombie love conquered all

The groom got pulled into the entrance of a darkened abyss and experienced the same fate as his betrothed, turning his bad day into the last one of his mortal life. But not all was lost as he was reunited with his bride in eternal bliss.