Approximately 500 enthusiastic students learned about leadership, technique and musicianship at a Cavliers-led marching leadership worksho[op at Middle Tennessee State University tonight prior to the Masters of the Summer Music Games contest. Several thousand more people observed the Bands of America/Drum Corps International-sponsored session from the stands. The world-champion corps rehearsed several segments of their 2002 show, "Frameworks," in front of the crowd, which broke into applause at several points during the hour-long session. Some of the audience bowed in amazement to some members of the Cavalier drum line.The corps also ran through the extremely popular "Fight Club" portion of their show to rabid applause, after the drum line, horn line and guard had all played portions of the show in standstill formats.Clinics are a common occurrence at drum corps competitions. Students watch the corps rehearse, and glean valuable behind-the-scenes information from corps directors and other staffers who openly address exactly what the corps is working on.Today's clinic was emceed by Drum Corps International clinician/Hall of Fame member Michael Cesario of New York. "We've got something really special planned for you," Cesario said at the beginning of the clinic. "This is like nothing else you've evere seen in your life," Cesario said.Cavaliers director Jeff Fiedler stressed the importance of such clinics. "I think it spreads the word about the drum corps activity, that there's something out there beyond their marching band experience," Fiedler said. "The members of the corps can share some of our 'secrets' with marching band kids to help to motivate the kids at home," Fiedler said. Cavalier Ben Collins addressed the importance of preparation to the students. "We've got to know the music and drill before we even step on the field – and lead by example," Collins said.Members of the Cavaliers also discussed the importance of respect during the workshop. "We're very respectful of each other. Getting along with people is very important," said Nick Thomas. "Student workshops are an opportunity to showcase the amazing aspects of a drum corps performance from a grassroots point of view. Take off the uniform and we see the corps members are just like the band students watching the clinic, but trained and polished after countless hours of rehearsal and an outstanding commitment to excellence in marching music. Drum Corps International is very proud to work with the corps and band directors in each area to bring the drum corps experience closer to the students," said Drum Corps International Executive Director Dan Acheson.