Back in 2011, an article on the (subjective) top “Five Favorite Individual & Ensemble Competition Moments” listed a variety of novel performances over the span of nearly four decades. To update and highlight memorable performances from just one year was equally daunting, but here are just a few of the many amazing moments from 2020’s inaugural Virtual DCI Performers Showcase.

Presented by Conn-Selmer and System Blue, the DCI Performers Showcase returns in a virtual format again in 2021. A deadline for registration and video submissions, which can be entered as any video recorded after September 1, 2020, is quickly approaching on Sunday, August 1, 2021.

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1. | VISUAL: An international flair

It would be fair to say that performers from Indonesia dominated the visual category in 2020. So much so, that it is hard to separate these two Auxiliary Ensemble favorites in the Under 22 division: Taking first place was the Siak Color Guard with their performance of “The Dry,” and taking second place was the Pupuk Kalti with their performance of “True Colors.”

2. | STRINGS: A new category

Back in 2010, a 7th Regiment barbershop quartet performed in exhibition that led to the creation of a vocal category in the Performers Showcase competition the following year. New in 2021 is a strings category encompassing everything from violin to guitar. But it is not the first time the Performers Showcase has featured strings. In the 2020 exhibition category, Mandarins brass player Jacob Hill showcased his talent on cello, proving once again that perseverance can produce an inclusive and welcoming venue for all talented performers.

3. | MULTI-TRACK: Featuring you, you, and you!

This year, virtual ensembles of any size and individuals who have created multi-track videos can compete in the new SoundSport Virtual Ensemble Class. Any recording after March 1, 2020 is eligible for submission. (Note: All other Performers Showcase entries must have been recorded after September 1, 2020.) As an example of a single individual in the multi-track wind category is trumpet player Shawn Schive of the Blue Stars with the Jackson 5 classic, “I Want You Back.”

4. | VOCALS: The (DCI) voice

Tenor voice singer Victor Cardamone won the 2020 Over 22 division singing “Into the Unknown” from “Frozen 2.” However, Cardamone's individual and ensemble story began in 2013 when he won the Solo Vocal category as an age-out member of the Troopers. Since then, he has gone on to a professional career in opera.

5. | BASS DRUM: Tasty fun

The Yokohama Scouts Bass Drum Ensemble provided their winning performance, “Sushi”, all the way from Japan.

6. | MULTI-PERCUSSION: Another charming performance

Long-time Blue Devils member Michael Dy won his third Performers Showcase medal in 2021 with this ditty called “Third Time’s a Charm” on drum set.


Pacific Crest premiered their new mixed ensemble, aptly called The PC Jazz Experiment, performing “The Rainbow Connection,” while alumni from Archer-Epler paid a loving tribute to their friend ‘Weedies’ with “What A Wonderful World.” Pacific Crest won the Under 22 category while Archer-Epler took home the Over 22 division title.

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