Leighann Fields, 15, a 2004 rookie in the Crossmen's color guard, submitted this one. "This is a picture that was taken in Orlando, Fla., shortly after we left South Carolina. When we pulled into South Carolina they parked our equipment truck in the middle of a field. One night the tuba cases were left out and so right before lights out our tubas went out to put them away. That's when they found a baby black lab behind the tuba cases. When they found her she had many fleas and was extremely small. The next day we gave her a bath and the administration got her some flea medicine. "This is a picture of our puppy, who we named Connie (as in contra) Bones! While she was on tour she was defintely our biggest fan. Every night we could be greeted at the gate by a friendly wagging tail!"

Thanks Leighann!
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