Let's face it. You have an exam in two hours, and a 10-page paper due tomorrow. That, or you're sitting in your cubicle, ignoring the ever-growing pile of work on your desk and hoping that your boss won't drop by and catch you reading a "personal Web site" on company time. Either way, you're looking for a distraction, and I'm here to provide it. For those who have already forgotten their childhood, there exists a popular game known as "Mad Libs." How to play: Grab a sheet of paper and number from 1 to 38. Next to each number, provide an answer that is in concordance with the given set of criteria. Only (and I repeat, ONLY) once you have finished with all of the clues may you continue. Now, click HERE to read the entire story, entering your information into the corresponding blanks. Sit back, laugh, and enjoy the ensuing hilarity. The Clues: 1. Corps name
2. Temperature
3. Food item
4. Adjective
5. Adverb
6. Adjective
7. Adjective
8. Noun
9. Noun
10. Corps name (different from Answer #1)
11. Number
12. Corps director of corps #1
13. Corps #1
14. Corps #1
15. Corps #1
16. Song title
17. Song title
18. Song title
19. Color
20. Article of clothing (plural)
21. Color
22. Article of clothing (plural)
23. Color
24. Article of clothing (plural)
25. Type of Headgear (plural)
26. Noun (plural)
27. Noun (plural)
28. Noun (plural)
29. Corps director of Corps #1
30. Food item from Answer #3
31. Number
32. Verb (past tense)
33. Verb (past tense)
34. State of emotion
35. Corps #1
36. State of emotion
37. Corps #1
38. Food item from Answer #3