Chelsea Strong took this pic, and Kyle Spraker submited it. "Hey, my name is Kyle Spraker and this was my third year with Impulse playing (b-flat) soprano. I'm the guy with the water bottle and blonde hair sticking out of my hat in the lower right side of the picture.

"This picture was taken at Division II & III Grand Finals while waiting for the storm to pass over (so that Patriots could finish their show) and all the corps could take the field for retreat. It all began when I suggested that Impulse and Jersey Surf should get a picture together. As we were getting ready to take the picture, the Blue Devils "B" corps, Blue Stars and Memphis Sound all decided to jump in too! Eventually it just became one giant bonding experience between all corps.

"This was my favorite memory of tour because the scores didn't seem to matter anymore for anyone. We all performed our last show of the season with 12 of the coolest competitors and that's all that mattered." Thanks Kyle!
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