Will the Cavaliers of Rosemont, Ill., continue their winning ways tonight with a victory in Normal, Ill.? Or will a strong Blue Knights performance upset the Cavs? With four still to perform tonight, lots can happen. The Cavaliers performed third tonight, to rabid audience approval. Part of the buzz surrounding the corps here tonight could be attributed to the clinic the Cavaliers held this afternoon for some 200 Bands of America band campers, who roared with approval at every step the corps marched.The Blue Knights, however, could come away with an upset performance here. Their drill is in some ways eerily reminiscent of the Cavaliers' drill, and their musical performance is strong as well.Some drum corps fans have expressed concern that the Cavaliers are peaking early. Indeed, their high scores so early in the season thus far have raised such concerns. But at the clinic this afternoon, corps director Jeff Fiedler said the Cavaliers intend to keep practicing and tweaking the show, and the corps practiced intensely here until almost showtime.