The Drum Corps International Board of Directors met this past weekend in Rosemont, Ill., to introduce new members, familiarize those members with the business of the activity and discuss several issues pertaining to the near future.Dominating the agenda was much discussion about Division II and III corps, and how Division I corps can better service the needs of Division II and III corps. "Board members are interested in Division II and Division III corps' growth and stability, and want to know how to help," Drum Corps International executive director Dan Acheson saidIn 2003 and beyond, Division II corps will have an easier time making the transition to Division I, according to one decision made by the board. At-large board member Steve Auditore, the chairman of Drum Corps International's marketing advisory committee, outlined Drum Corps International's initiatives for messaging, branding and target marketing during one session last Friday. It was reported that many of the changes made over a year ago in Drum Corps International's approach to marketing are starting to take hold.At-large board member Mark Stasa, the chairman of the finance committee, next gave the attendants a historical perspective and an overview of how things operate according to the dollars and cents related to Drum Corps International's day-to-day business.The 2003 Drum Corps International budget was presented by operations director Wayne Leide. Even though Drum Corps International's fiscal year does not begin until November 1, having a comprehensive draft of the budget ready for Board review in September was important. "The timing allows the Board members the opportunity to stay informed and have input into Drum Corps International's ongoing business plans," Leide said. The final 2003 Budget will be approved at the January Board meetings.Some performance rules changes were proposed, but the rules committee still must reviews on the details of these changes. Once the committee reviews the details, they will release them to the public. These proposals include changes in legal instrumentation, extension of eligibility for corps membership, the possibility of on-field amplification and adding a new division of competition, among others. Representatives from the Division I corps that score in the top 21 for three consecutive years during finals week make up the board of directors. Other attending corps are considered associate members until they meet those qualifications. Division I corps on limited touring schedules are not eligible for associate or full board membership.The annual meeting of the board of directors will take place in Orlando, Fla., on Jan. 23 and 24. That meeting will happen immediately before tour event partners meetings, judges' meetings and corps instructors' meetings that take place there until Jan. 26.