Tom Delgado , who lives in Reading, Pa., and marched in the Jersey Surf color guard in 2004 (he's returning this season), sent this one in. "This picture was taken of me and six of my best friends at the 2005 WGI Northeast Power Regional in Syracuse, N.Y. We all marched as members of the Jersey Surf color guard in either 2003 or 2004, but rarely get to see each other in the winter or summer season; it was like a Surf guard reunion. We are (counter-clockwise from the left): Andria Reedy (Bpex), Tommy Kmec (Alter Ego), Marielle Pasqua (St. John's of Beverly World), Allee Phillips (Alter Ego), Aly Friesen (Bpex), myself (ComplXity), and Michael McClam (Alter Ego). It was brief, but great to see everyone again." Thanks Tom!
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