Whitney Sarbacker, who marched in the Southwind color guard, sent this one in. "These are pictures of my surprise proposal during my first summer at drum corps. I was marching Southwind, and my boyfriend, William Gray, aged out of the Madison Scouts last summer. He came up to see me at the Indianapolis regional on July 31, along with some friends. "After the show, I could not find William. My friends reassured me that he was by the buses. As we neared, we saw the Scouts standing in a circle by the buses. Turns out that William, with help from his brothers, got them to sing their corps song "You'll Never Walk Alone." As soon as they were done singing, he walked through and I started crying because I knew what was happening. He proposed, and with all the Scouts looking on, I said yes. The second picture was what happened after. We hugged as the Scouts cheered for us. It was something I will never forget. Thanks to everyone involved!" Thanks Enrique!
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