Andy Gorchov is Director of Event Operations for INVESCO Field at Mile High. He says that the entire staff is excited about the upcoming Drum Corps International World Championships coming to the stadium, and all look forward to hosting the drum corps fans and showing them the time of their lives. "The stadium is one of the most state-of-the-art stadiums in the world. It's got every creature comfort for the fans. The building was designed for fan comfort in mind ... every seat has a back. Although the building holds about the same number of people as the old Mile High Stadium, it has twice the square footage, a total of 1.8 million square feet. This translates to a large concourse, extra restrooms, and great hospitality space for those who have club level seats, with a much higher number of food and beverage locations. "We have approximately 7,500 spaces on site. The stadium is set in a park-like setting, allowing for the corps fans to mingle and interact with each other prior to the event in areas other than the parking lots. The stadium has off-site parking and is serviced by light rail and buses from downtown, so fans staying in the city don't have to drive and park. The light rail runs to downtown, Union Station, and areas south of the city. "We have excellent acoustics with outstanding sightlines from anywhere in the stadium. The seats are close in proximity to the field. "From seeing the Drums Along the Rockies shows here the past two years, we are excited about knowing that lots of fans from out of town will be here for the World Championships, giving us a opportunity to impress them with the stadium and with Denver itself. "Over the past two years, we've had an outstanding relationship with the Blue Knights organization. We are looking forward to working with the entire DCI family." For more information about the stadium, visit the INVESCO Field at Mile High Web site.