In preparation for the 2005 season, Drum Corps International has revamped the awards ceremony for Summer Music Games events. While somewhat different than the closing of DCI events in the past, the new format allows corps to preserve tradition with a drum major lineup, presentation of the national colors and performance of "America/O'Canada." With the increasing demands of a summer-long tour, the need to better accommodate corps came into focus. The new awards ceremony gives every corps an improved opportunity for preparing for safe travel, in addition to creating rehearsal schedules and managing the day-to-day challenges that life on the road can bring on. The participants of the new ceremony will be made up of an "encore" corps in addition to the brass section of another of the evening's competing groups, predetermined in the scheduling process prior to the start of the season. After the last corps in the evening lineup has finished and is exiting the field, the "encore" corps battery will set up on the 50-yard line. To the drum line's cadence, the national colors, brass sections of the awards ceremony corps and the drum majors of all competing units will file onto the field. Scores will be announced in reverse order with a presentation of gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three corps from the evening, followed by the playing of the traditional DCI arrangement of "America/O'Canada" by renowned DCI arranger Scott Boerma. Closing out the event, the "encore" corps will take the field for a standstill performance of selections of their choosing. With this combination of tradition fused with new layout, the awards ceremony will serve as an energetic and entertaining capstone to each evening's event that DCI fans have come to know and expect.