"My name is Zak Stillwell and I marched baritone with the Academy this summer. "This is the 2005 Academy baritone/euphonium section after our first uniformed run-through at Dobson High School in Mesa, Ariz. We were rehearsing at the school for a few days over the summer to help with a marching leadership camp. "Pictured in the third row from left to right: Brad K., Eric W., Klay D., Justin C., Matt V., Zach C., Brad C., Manuel G. "Pictured in the second row from left to right: Zak S., Patrick A., Matt K., Ryan J., Adrian M., Lafe M. "Pictured in the first row from left to right: Blake B., Stacey G., Amanda S., Nikki B., Allison D. "Not Pictured: Mike H." Thanks Zak! E-mail your best shots from the summer to dave@dci.org along with where and when the photo was taken. Send some biographical information about yourself as well. We'll give you full credit. Also, let us know if you want your e-mail address included.