This letter was sent to during championships week 2002:Today I started my daily routine, wake up, get ready for work, head out the door. At work, I sat down and read the article [on] about by Mike Pfeil about his drum corps experience and his memoirs. His story brought back many memories of reflection, and also regret, not from when I did march, but after I stopped. It sounds a lot like my life. As with Mike Pfeil, I started my drum corps life in 1996 with a small Division II corps based out of Concord, Ca. I was a trombone player up to that point, never picking up a baritone. 1998 was my junior year in high school, and my dreams came true of making the Blue Devils. My plans were set, and I was then ready to continue marching, and finish my drum corps career in 2002, being one of the few to say they have marched 5 years with the Blue Devils "A" Drum Corps.The year was 1999, and I was standing on the field in Madison, Wisconsin. We had just tied for first with Santa Clara Vanguard. I was ready for more. Three years left with my amazing corps and the brilliant staff. I never would have imagined that it would be the last time I would ever be on the field, wearing blue. My last show would have been that much more enjoyable, and I would have enjoyed the final hours with my friends a lot more, most of which I would never get the chance to see again. All good things must come to an end, and so did this. In February of 2000, I signed up for the US Navy. I was still marching with my corps at the time, but priorities take over pleasures, and here I am, not getting ready to revisit Madison. Finals are coming, and soon my age out will be over. If there was anything I could pass on to every member out there on the field, it would be this. Take everything Drum Corps has to offer; winning, losing, experiences, friendships, lessons...and cherish it. Treat it like it might be the very last time you will ever get that chance, because you never just might.Mahalo, and AlohaIT3 Eric LozagaUnited States NAVYBlue Devils 1996-1999