From an Allegiance Elite press release: March is usually a stressful time in the life of a Canadian drum
Corps, with snow everywhere and the temps usually below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit for our American friends). So drill is generally not an option unless you luck out with a big enough facility. This year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was no exception. It was very cold and there was lots of snow. Allegiance Elite still managed to get a lot accomplished – the March camp was a huge success, we had a great turnout (each camp the Allegiance has grown) and the members were there to work. Everyone gave 110 percent, from the newest member to the six-year vets. The corps has worked extremely hard this year, and as of March camp we are further ahead then we could have anticipated. The weekend was top off with the first full music ensemble run-through. The kids were pumped and the energy was felt in the gym and throughout the entire school all weekend. This weekend also marked a very special day in Allegiance Elite history: Our fist member from across seas came and played. A young female snare drummer from Japan made the impossibly long journey to Calgary and did an amazing job. She will be just one of three international students with Allegiance Elite this summer, as we have a set of Dutch twins coming to march snare as well. Aside from that, this camp was a successful one designwise as well. Our drill designer, Garreth Skipp, and percussion arranger, Ian Hale, were in town, so the design team got to meet face to face. The kids got to work with these fine gentlemen as well. Now we are looking forward to April and getting ready to take this on the field, and then tour. So if you are around this summer, be sure to come check us out as the Allegiance Elite present "Pandora's Box." For pictures and other news, go to