From an Allegiance Elite press release: Allegiance Elite is proud to announce its 2004 -- 2005 show, "Pandora's Box," written by Key Poulan. The corps is excited to play a composition arranged and written by one of the worlds finest drum corps arrangers. Poulan has arranged and written for Santa Clara Vanguard, the Spartans and the Caballeros, and is currently the program coordinator for the Santa Clara Vanguard. Pandora's Box will consist of four movements: The opener "Zeus," the effect-driven "Plagues," the ballad "Hope" the closer "Without Evil, There is No Good." The corps is excited to bring Pandora's Box to the drum corps world as the possibilities for effect and drama are endless in a show that is intriguing and original. Check out for more information about the 2004-2005 season.