For the safety of all spectators and participants, the Allentown School District has adopted an inclement weather policy that is strictly enforced, and Drum Corps International is asking for your full cooperation in the event it is necessary to engage in enacting the policy. If there is lightning detected within the immediate vicinity of J. Birney Crum Stadium, the competition will be suspended, and ALL spectators and participants are required to leave the stadium and seek shelter in their vehicle. Once the stadium has been vacated, the stadium lights will be turned off. After the lightning has left the vicinity of J. Birney Crum Stadium, the stadium lights will be illuminated, signaling spectators may return to the stadium for the continuation of the competition.

Drum Corps International will monitor the local radar and will have lightning detection equipment on hand but ultimately it will be the Allentown School District's representative's call on enacting the policy. Please follow the instructions presented by the announcer at the event. We hope the winds will blow in another direction as we do for all our events but thank you in advance should it be necessary to evacuate.