From an Americanos press release: Regretfully, the board of directors of the Americanos unanimously decided to stop drum corps activities for the 2005 season. This is never an easy decision for anyone to make when you consider the exuberant amount of time that all members, staff and volunteers put towards putting a drum corps on the field, and it's even harder when you personally know those that are doing it for you. The corps was off to a wonderful start this season holding at around 80 members and things for the competition field were coming together very well. Unfortunately for those of us who have to stare at the financial end of things and take responsibility to the members to ensure a complete season, we could not justify continuing at this time. In 2004, we had made a similar decision and then second guess it, and complete a full tour. It was the wrong decision! We have been working hard to erase the debt load that increased from the 2004 season. However we have only been able to make minor progress at this time.
The threat of extremely high fuel prices is also playing a role, which I feel will effect allot of other Division II & III corps as well, so please be responsible everybody!

I sincerely know that we are making the right decision at this time to ensure the future of the Americanos, but again with tears in our eyes, the 2005 corps will be deeply missed. We applaud the efforts of all involved and hope you will stick by us and help in the rebuilding process. We realize that we have a tough road to go, and we feel that we are up for the challenge. 2006 is the 70th season for the corps and we have every intention of being there.

We will be putting all equipment up for sale in an effort to raise funds to erase our debt and give us a positive cash balance to expand into alternative fund-raising projects. All of our equipment was purchased brand new from Yamaha at the start of the 2003 season -- brass, battery and pit. We also have two coaches available, MC9s, and we are also willing to lease out our equipment trailer and kitchen trailer, both also brand new in 2003. If you are interested in any of these items please contact me at

We will also be forming an alumni corps to perform in the Appleton Flag Day Parade on Saturday, June 11. We will be holding rehearsals for this event starting in May, will be capping off the day with an Alumni gathering at the Americanos Centre that evening. Any alums out there that would like to participate, and there are "a lot" of you out there, please contact me or the office by April 30.

We will also be hosting our drum corps competition on Saturday, July 2, at Calder Field in Menasha, Wis. Tickets will be on sale soon. For a list of competing corps check, all info you need will be there.

Again this was not an easy decision for us to make, however we feel that it is the responsible one. To all drum corps out there, please have a safe and rewarding season, and we will see you again in 2006!


Butch Kolosso, President
Americanos B.O.D.