This week, we'll be paying some editorial attention to drum corps events that have happened in the Eastern U.S. When asked about an anecdote for a memorable show in the Eastern U.S., I'd have to go with this. The show must include rain (lots of it), delayed stepoff times, very far distances between the gate and the parking lot, and either dirt or clay on the sidelines. The 2000 DCI Orlando show covered all of these requirements. Rain caused the show to go into a slight delay. My corps at the time, Tampa Bay Thunder, was first on at the show. All of a sudden, we were informed that we had 30 minutes to unload, change into uniform, and haul our equipment to the gate. We managed to do everything on time (minus a few important pieces of equipment), except we looked quite awkward doing it. There was no cart to pull all of our grounded equipment with, nor did we have shoes (the people in the pit, that is). No one really noticed the pit on the field without shoes since we had white pants with white socks, although it was quite noticeable at the end of the show when we all had orange-colored feet due to the clay we were standing in during the show. I don't think I could have asked for more out of one show, especially because it was my first show ever. Everyone has their one show per summer where it's mass chaos like this, I'm glad ours was the first show off the bat. Eric Fox's last contribution