Biographies of Don Angelica (longtime DCI judges' administrator) and Bobby Hoffman (visual designer and creator of the Bridgmen, Velvet Knights images) have been added to the Hall of Fame section of Angelica was a true visionary who encouraged wide-ranging creativity, according to some. "Don Angelica, at least during my time with him, provided a freedom, if not encouragement to create," said Hall of Famer George Hopkins. "He had the ability to see the passion and skill in others and he supported you in being the best you could be. He listened, he talked, he cajoled -- he did what you needed to push you to rise to a new level. In the end, it was you and he stood away to allow you and your team to cherish the victory. But, when you looked back, Don was there somehow," Hopkins said. Read Angelica's full bio. Hoffman, meanwhile, was a master of pushing the envelope of what was expected on the field. "Bobby's unique gift was his ability to think creatively outside of the norm, to listen to and assimilate ideas from others, and to implement his concepts in ways that became enormously popular and engrossing to members and fans alike. He saw things differently than anyone else. We all miss him, but enjoy the elements of today's drum corps that exist as a result of his genius," said DCI Hall of Famer Dennis DeLucia. Read Hoffman's full bio. Thanks to DCI Hall of Famer Dennis DeLucia for his work in compiling both bios. Elsewhere in the DCI Hall of Fame, we added pictures to the Hall of Fame pages of:
All above photos courtesy of Steve Vickers and Drum Corps World.