Chelsea DeLucia sent this picture.

This is a picture of me and my dad (Chelsea DeLucia and Dennis DeLucia) at the St. Patty's day parade in Bayonne, N.J. with the Bridgemen Alumni Corps. For those of you who don't know, my dad taught the Bridgemen drum line back in the day, and my mom (Rene DeLucia) marched as a member of and taught the Bridgemen. It's kind of weird to be marching with the same people that my mom marched with and my dad taught.

I play bass two for the corps. I never pictured myself wearing one of those oh-so-famous yellow coats, and I certainly never pictured myself being in a drum line that my dad was teaching. The parade was amazing—and I absolutely hate parades, but I was in a parade as a member of the Bridgemen. You can't beat that.

The people of Bayonne were cheering for us before we even played anything. I felt honored walking down the streets of Bayonne wearing that uniform, and I want to thank the town of Bayonne for making my first experience as a member of the Bridgemen a great one that I will never forget.

Thanks, Chelsea!